Hongsi guesthouse

2010년 3월 10일 수요일

Hongsi Guesthouse

Hongsi Guest House Introduction

Greetings. This is Lauren, owner of Hongsi Guest House.Hongsi means fully mellowed persimmon and Korean people leave some Hongsiwhen harvesting it -we call them Kachibob- for some wild birds(ex. Magpie). birds are loved because we believe that morning song of birdsbrings us a glad visitor.

I made the house of persimmon tree ready as a guesthouse for visitorwith the same feeling as that of korean leaving kachibobs.

We want to have lots of friends from all over the worldwho loves art and culture, as we are an artist family.All the paintings posted in our homepage are work of our family.

Hongsi Guest House is located in Shinchon, Hongik-Univ., the center of art andculture, and has high accessibility with museums or galleries in Insadong,Kyungbok Palace, and suburbs of Seoul.May the gusets be happy all the time.

463-22, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea / 서울시 마포구 서교동 463-22 Tel : +82-70-8654-7352 / 070-8654-7352Email : jayq1112@yahoo.com